What is LIFE?

LIFE stands Learning Intergenerationally for the Future of ageing societies through Experience in Japan. The purpose of LIFE is to provide opportunities for people living in outside of Japan to learn lessons on creative responses for ageing societies based on Japanese experiences.

Why we need LIFE now?

By 2030, most countries will become ageing societies defined by United Nations and will face on challenges due to the population ageing. Many countries have started taking counter measures to respond such challenges. However, there are few people in many countries who understand deeply what will be happened in actual ageing societies and what counter measures are necessary in concrete. Japan is the highest aged country in the world and has accumulated much experience and know-how to respond to ageing-related challenges. Japan is also obtaining lessons learned from recent huge earthquake and tsunami on what ageing societies need to prepare in case we have such natural disaster.

LIFE is a"Intellectual Camp Experience" which can provide opportunities for people outside of Japan to learn valuable lessons through intergenerational experiences in Japan.

Please contact us if you are interested in joining LIFE.