About CSAS

Center for Studies on Ageing Societies@(CSAS) is Non-Profit Organization officially certified by Tokyo Metropolitan Government on March, 2011. The mission of CSAS is to support opportunities in which older and younger generations help mutual growth each other through the collaborative working to solve the social challenges responding to the demographic changes. CSAS also promotes sharing knowledge and wisdom on the ageing related challenges with the people internationally.

CSAS's CEO is Hiroyuki Murata, Professor of Smart Ageing International Research Center, Tohoku University, located in Sendai, Japan. The Board of Directors consists of experts in ageing related field such as attorney, family counselor, silver industry expert, senior housing designer, and ecology architect.

What's New

2011.6.10 Interview with Hiro Murata was released by AARP Prime Time Radio
2011.6.9 CSAS Website was renewed @@